Burundi Politics: A cold shower for the Burundian opposition

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A cold shower for the Burundian opposition. Recently we talked we a government official who also is a member of the ruling party about the situation in Burundi and this is what he informed us! The following are unedited statements from the official individual.

At one point the Burundian opposition had believed that the European Union and the East African Community could help him to compel Pierre Nkurunziza to negotiate with them in order to set up transitional governments as was the case for Pierre Buyoya. Unfortunately, Belgian Foreign Minister Didier Reynders has disappointed them by saying that “his country regrets that it was too fast in sanctions on Burundi”. Do not be surprised that the EAC approaches in the same direction.

Westerners work only with strong men.

Democracy is only a song to distract some African countries, an individual from ruling party said. The proof is that the truly democratic countries in Africa can be counted on the finger of one hand. Most Burundian opponents, particularly those at CNARED, believed at one point that the West or “the famous international community” could help them restore democracy in Burundi. You have to be naive to believe that, he continued! It was only Pierre Buyoya who was afraid of “this famous international community”! He at least knew how to negotiate his exit and especially his juicy post to the African Union. This allows him to make his own pockets and ensure a better future for his offspring while thousands of Tutsis languish in refugee camps and in prisons, he added.

“A Ugandan who I met in Kampala one day told me that the Tutsis of Burundi are only pirates! He may be right! Thus, with this speech by Didier Reynders, it is clear that cooperation between the European Union and Burundi should soon be revived with a good financial envelope for Burundi. The European Union has just unblocked part of the envelope for the Burundian military of AMISOM. This resulted in bail-out of the currencies in the state coffers and thus reduced the rate of inflation, which was beginning to be untenable”, the member of ruling party continued.

With this diplomatic victory in Bujumbura, Pierre Nkurunziza has just proved that he is the strongman of the country. Some analysts believe that the sanctions against Burundi have not changed in Burundi. “Others say they have reduced repression. In any case, the Nkurunziza regime emerged as the winner of the third term. With this new deal, the Arusha agreement must now serve as toilet paper!”, He added. As for the refugees or opponents, they will have no choice but to return to Burundi and accept Pierre nkurunziza as life president or stay forever in exile. The choice is clear, He Continued.

Can the Burundian opposition have the means to organize a military resistance in order to drive Nkurunziza out of power?

He continued: “I strongly doubt it. Most of them live as beggars in their countries of asylum. In this situation, it is difficult for them to organize armed resistance. 2/3 of the members of the CNARED would be close to the Bujumbura regime. Some have even begun to return to the country to be thanked. The history of the slingers is only an external consumer product. From now on, the only choice left to the refugees and opponents of Pierre Nkurunziza is to return to the mouth of the wolf or perish in exile. Rwandan Tutsis spent 35 years in exile. When they returned home, they lost 1 million of their compatriots, brothers and sisters.”

Government officials don’t believe that there will be any help from international organization, and by seeking help from abroad is deadly wish. “To hope that the UN, the EAC or the INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY will help you, is pure naivety without a name! We live in a world guided by interests only. If there is one thing that does not interest Westerners it is indeed the death of the Burundian sindumuja! In the days to come, Bensouda will announce that it has found nothing interesting about Burundi,” He said.

“Mwagira bigenda gute? Hanyuma hazogire agasubira kujwira kavuga amamadant yarenzwe! Nkurunziza Yaripanze! Amahera yaguze umwana w’imana ntaco adashoboye! Nyene imbugita n’uwuyifashe ikirindi! Akari mu kanwa k’imbwa bagakuzayo ubuhiri!” He concluded!

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