Burundi: A man killed and two wounded, the bitter record of the night from Sunday to Monday in Bubanza

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One person was killed during the night from Sunday to Monday at village level 3 in Gihanga commune. In the same commune of the Bubanza Province, shots were heard on the Kakwema hill. Information on the spot speaks of clashes between the cow thieves and the police.

Niyongabo Innocent known by the nickname of Maso, a watchman, is the person who was killed in the night of this Sunday to Monday in village 3 of the municipality Gihanga of the province Bubanza. The unidentified perpetrators of the crime reportedly beat him with a club on the head, which is confirmed by the local population who found his body lying on 7th Avenue, A shop where Innocent mounted the night guard.

Besides this crime, intermittent shots were heard on the Kagwema hill in the same commune of Gihanga. According to sources on the spot, these were the thieves of the cows who carried about fifty of these large cattle accompanied by their shepherds who were tied up by these bandits armed with rifles. One of these shepherds escaped to the Rukoko Nature Reserve where he told the soldiers of a military position based in the forest. “These soldiers quickly intervened and exchanged fire with these kidnappers who, in turn, abandoned the booty before disappearing into the Rukoko reserve for the DRC,” testify the inhabitants of Kagwema. The same sources of Kagwema add that all the cows were recovered by these soldiers when these confrontations took stock of a soldier who was seriously wounded by bullet.

On the other hand, in the Mpanda commune of the same province of Bubanza, a household of Karenzo Nicodemus of the Mugaruro hill was attacked by a group armed with rifles. The father of Family of which Karenzo was wounded by bullet while the authors remained unknown. Sources on the spot suspect land conflicts that would be behind this attack. One person was arrested by the police for investigation.

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