Arusha: Mkapa faces Burundian politicians without government delegates

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The city of Arusha in the United Republic of Tanzania has hosted the inter-Burundi dialogue under the mediation of former Tanzanian President Benjamin Mkapa since Thursday for three days. Almost all the parties to Burundian conflicts are represented with the exception of the Burundian government delegates.

Before speaking to the different groups of politicians, facilitator Mkapa said that the agenda included highlights such as the restoration of the political climate and the return of the exiles.

Throughout the first day, mediator Benjamin Mkapa met with the three former Presidents of Burundi, and second and last with Burundian Ombudsman Edouard Nduwimana. The first day of the dialogue was marked by the presence at the international conference center by most participants, which participants did nothing but the a few personalities mentioned above.

This opportunity to give and to receive, as said sylvestre Ntibantunganya, former president of the republic of Burundi before embarking for Arusha, is the first time that most political formations have been invited. As a reminder, the government of Burundi decided not to go to Arusha. “The presumed presence of certain personalities, including Mr. Jalal Benomar, special adviser to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, challenged by the Government of Burundi does not guarantee the serenity of the work of this session,” justified Philippe Nzobonariba, Bujumbura spokesman.

Leonce Ngendakumana, vice president of Sahwanya Frodebu finds promising the list of participants and is indignant at the absence of the government. “In any case, if there is one who is absent today and the other is absent Tomorrow, we will not abandon the process of dialogue, “Leonce said in Arusha. According to Jacques Bigirimana, the number one FNL party, this opportunity should bring all the protagonists to a consensus. “The protagonists must seek dialogue for micro and the international community.
Be an enemy today and be a friend tomorrow. There is no eternal enemy, “said Jacques Bigirimana.

The delegation of the CNDD FDD and Dr Jean Minani, the head of the delegation of the CNARD exiled opposition platform, are expected to arrive in Arusha this evening.

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