Burundi: Manirakiza Donatien with her tongue swollen since birth

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One million six hundred thousand Burundian francs is the sum needed to treat the small Manirakiza Donatien 9 months in France. He has a red tongue, swollen over his mouth. During his 9 months, he only drinks milk. Toyi Annonciate, her mother saddened by her child’s state of health, asks assistance from any charitable person to help her. On the side of the Good Samaritan organization that helps this family obtain the necessary documents, cry for help. A host family in France is expecting the child on December 2nd of this year for surgery. Originally from the Nombe hill in Butezi commune of Ruyigi province, the child and his mother have just spent 10 days at the Kamenge military hospital in room 301 in the new building. Assistance is also welcome at 79 44 50 16 or 75 44 50 16.

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