The program of Shemeza Artist Award 2017 empathized in English

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The responsible Team of Shemeza Artist Award 2017 (SAA Gospel Awards 2017), announced that on January 20, 2017 the journey of SAA Gospel Awards 2017 began and they had posted many announcements concerning the Award program at their Facebook page #ShemezaGospelAwards.

Here is how the SAA Gospel Awards 2017 is programmed:

1. As of this year of 2017, the Award is slightly different from the last year of 2016. For this year, the SAA Gospel Awards is named as Season 1 since it is considered to be a Reality TV Show.

2. SAA-GA2017 is divided into three periods: The first period, musicians will register and submit their videos shot by themselves as selfies on their phone singing in Acapella mode or any style they desire. It just has to be a video shot by a phone or camera of them singing a particular song either theirs or someone’s else. The video is required NOT to be edited. An edited video, will not accepted. The song is also highly recommended to be in Kirundi or English. How due to recent request of Swahili, an individual can also use swahili if necessary. The Videos will be posted here at ShemezaClouds site for fan to vote the musician who will enter into the second period which is named “Episode 1”. Among of the registered musicians, the top 5 with higher votes will be nominated to enter Episode 1.

3. In the second period, the top 5 with higher votes nominated for the Episode 1, will be also demanded to submit other videos like they did in the first period. However, in this second period, their videos will be voted by the Judge in the filmed Episode 1 of SAA-GA2017 Season 1.
The judge will vote accordingly to his or her requirements and will nominate the top 3 artists to enter the third period named Episode 2 FINALE. The judge and Shemeza Awards Team will meet in a particular state to film the judge how he’s or she’s voting for the top 5 with higher votes from the first period. Also the artist who will be able to travel to the state where Episode one is being filmed, they can go arrive at the scene and perform live if they prefer not to submit a video again.

4. In the third Period named Episode 2 FINALE, The nominated three artist for the Episode 2, They will perform LIVE in the concert of the Award. The concert will be held in Rock Island, Illinois July 22nd, 2017 (if nothing changes). Fans will be invited to attend the Episode 2 FINALE concert, to witness their favorite artist performing to win the first, second, or third place! The judge will have a companion in the process of voting and judging accordingly, and the concert will be filmed as a realty TV show. Very soon, Shemeza is going to announce the awards that will be handed to the winner of first, second and third place!

Registration opens this February 20, 2017 and closes March 5th, 2017. Participant artists have to be Burundian residing in the U.S and Canada. Anyone is welcome to register whether underground or desiring to take a talent on higher level.

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