Need Taxes and Accounting done? Eli’s bookkeeping is the answer!

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Eli is a Burundian born and professionalized in Taxes and Accounting. From our conversation, Eli started his small business of accounting and tax preparation in the mid of 2016 (July), but before that he was working as Tax preparer at Jackson Hewitt from 2012 to 2016, where he gained real and professional experience of preparing taxes either for a company or individual.

Eli graduated from University of South Dakota in 2014 with a Business Administration Degree with lots of accounting experience. Eli also worked in several organizations either as a tax preparer or accounting specialist.

For those who are seeking affordable tax preparation for this year of 2017 tax return season (January – April), Eli’s bookkeeping is your answer. Eli charges from $50 up to maximum of $200. Depends on the size of your documents and how long the process should take; But he ensured us that no matter what precess your files take, the price won’t be raised here than $200. For Accounting and bookkeeping, Eli stated that price is negotiable!

You don’t have to live in Sioux Falls, South Dakota for Eli to help you file your tax return, he can assist you from any of the 52 states of America. He will only need your documents and of course communication. We strongly advise to give Eli a call and schedule for your filing of tax return. Contact him today and get your taxes prepared cheaply. Phone: (605) 323-9002
Address: 4329 N Alaska Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57107 Email:

For more info, visit his website at

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