Focus Film Production (FFP), A New Burundian owned Video Production is Kigali, Rwanda

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Focus Film Production abbreviated as FFP is a Burundian owned Studio Video production based in Kigali, Rwanda. Our News Press managed to hold a decent conversation with the Owner and CEO of the FFP Studio who is also a Burundian Gospel Musician “Bukuru Celestin.” B. Celestin is a well known Gospel Artist in both Burundian and American communities for his outstanding music project in the collabo with “Snarky Puppy” an American music band.

Bukuru Celestin – unknown photographer

In the conversation we had with Bukuru Celestin (FFP CEO), he confirmed that FFP was established on December 15, 2016 and just right after they opened, by December 17 the production was on the field to work. The production attracted so many clients in the area of Kigali where it is rapidly growing. “We chose to start our Studio Production in Rwanda because it’s where the market of this type of business is flowing”, B. Celestin answered as we asked him the reason they decided to begin their business in Rwanda instead of Burundi since they are naturally burundian born. He continued saying that, currently as Burundi faces political crisis, many artists are moving out of the country which diminish the market in the video productions. “Even though, we are planing big to work in Burundi soon”, he added.

The Video production has not limitations in this market, they film every type of Video productions needed whether Gospel or General music productions. They also do wedding and traditional celebrations for those who need to make their special occasions memorable. Currently, they are only operating as Video production. The Studio has five employees on commission, and one Co-CEO and Manger “Fleury Ndayirukiye”. The Studio is still in progress to address their production to the public as they are building an official website for the studio. For those who wish to work with this studio they have to contact them either on phone or social media (Rwanda: 0789909114 USA: 540-819-7659, Facebook names: Fleury Ndayirukiye, Celestin B. Ntahonkuriye).
Fleury Ndayirukiye at work

For those who travel from United States to the East Africa to make music videos, we strongly advice to give it a try to use this production. The CEO says that their productions are high level and quality produced in an outstanding creativity. Employees in the studio are highly educated in the video production and have much experience in the field, they will even hire more professionals to satisfy your needs for your project. “The price is very, very negotiable”, Bukuru Added.

The Studio has unrevealed plans to support the Video productions industry in Burundi to take it to the next level in the near future. With that said, Bukuru Celestin says: “The production is burundian based and owned, so we really strongly ask burundians to feel very welcomed in our studio and make their project with us and or work with us.” “Yes, they are so many studios in the same market, and people have the right to consider others better than us which many burundians do, but our productions are very highly recommendable if you only can come and try us”, B. Celestin Added.

The Studios, currently, has not settled for an office but they are working to find one since they just began, and as for now in less than a month since the studio opened, they have numerous projects ahead as to say that the studio is rapidly growing and attracting many clients. Below is a Wedding Video production they did just two days after they opened.

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