Election Kenya: NASA calls for referendum

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The opposition alliance NASA has broken its silence about they way forward after rallying for election boycott and products from certain company that they are accusing of dalliance with the ruling party .speaking yesterday the coalition co principal musalia mudavadi revealed that they want a referendum that will look into changing the structure of the executive which musalia has accused of using its numerical in the parliament to pass certain bills into law pointing that fresh presidential election pointed that jubilee is unpopular among Kenyan’s owing to the 30% turnout witnessed during the election further adding that the 70 % Kenyan’s who didn’t turn up to vote should come out and vote in the planned referendum.”

katiba ambayo iko sasa kwa executive structure ,governance structure ya kenya hii , it is not possible for it work , in this country na wakenya mujitayarishe turudi kwa referendum tutengeneze katiba , kwa sAbabu tunaona hao wanataka kutumia namba zao za jubilee kwa parliament kuhadaa wakenya kwa hivyo the people power itakuja kwa referendum , natunataka wale 70% ambao walikaa nyumbani musikubali watu wachache watusumbue katika kenya hii .” said musalia who also affirmed the coalition stand on the past election which he states NASA doesn’t recognize it ” the message is this we don’t recognize the election of 26th October .”

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