Bubanza, Burundi: World Food Program assists families victims of the damaging sun

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On Thursday, more than 1,500 households from seven hills in the Gihanga commune, Bubanza province, victims of climate hazards have received assistance from the World Food Program (WFP). Each household is entitled to 38 kg consisting of maize, beans, oil and salt. These families totaling 3,000 in total will be assisted for three months.

Approximately 7,500 people in 1,525 WFP households had gathered, some on Buramata hill, others at the Gihanga center to receive food assistance from the World Food Program (WFP). Each household is entitled to 38 kg consisting of 27 kg of maize, 9 kg of beans, 2 kg of oil and salt. On Wednesday, a part of this population, victims of these changes, which amounted to 7500 people of 1,500 households, was assisted by this international humanitarian organization.

According to some residents of the Buramata hill, the sun destroyed the fields over a large area of ​​the Imbo plain of Bubanza province. Those who have not had the chance to be on the list of beneficiaries are asking for this assistance. “I have nothing to feed my six children, and our hill chief refused to put me on the lists explaining that I still have strength to go and feed my family,” a resident of Rugunga Hill .

In the face of these lamentations, the local administration explains that this assistance concerns only those who have been seriously affected by these phenomena of climatic hazards. Meanwhile, Liberatte Ntibarake, a WFP delegate at the distribution of food this Thursday in Buramata, said that WFP stocks are currently almost empty and that there are other provinces in Burundi that are demanding this assistance. Governor Bubanza Tharcisse Niyongabo says more than 3,000 families are victims of climate change.

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