Assault forced me to drugs – Ella Wanjiru

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The trend of emergence of sexual assault victims is worrying , with question on what mechanism is best to used to help the recover from the trauma popping , tv host of let’s talk show on ebru kenya Ella wanjiru has opened up on being assaulted when having a drink with friends by a person close to her , speaking in her show Ella reveals that the incident frustrated her owing that when she told her close friend of what befitted her , the friend teamed up with the assaulter and refuted claims calling Ella a liar something that the tv host cite led her into taking drugs .” I went out and tell my friend and my room mate and my friend talked to this person and basically started to call me a liar and I had to go through , like you actually find you got raped and the first thing when you go to Nairobi hospital they give you protective Arvs , I went through that course for 3 months , but this person refused to believe until today we lost that friendship .I blamed myself for a very long time because I felt I had put myself in that situation .I told you guys I was in therapy a couple of months ago because this were some of the issues that forced me into drugs .” said Ella

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