Singer set to launch own studio 

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Willy Paul is one of the artist who has worked really  hard  on growing his fan base not only in kenya but  also worldwide .

The celebrated gospel act has however not been short of controversy , from being accused to having delved away from gospel related content  to having developed unending  beef with his fellow musician Bahati  , that has really costed the two .

 The launch of East land most beloved records ( EMB)  by Bahati caused  abuzz with many interviews Willy Paul attended inquiring to know what plans Willy had especially for upcoming musicians    , though the consistent   response   of working on developing a similar record studio by willy Paul with better deals than that of his musical arc nemesis seemed not true ,Willy has proven the doubting Thomas’s wrong . 

 The award winner artist this week unleashed the first look of his new studio that he has branded saldido records .

           “Oooh yeees !!I’m a boss !! Dropping a new and classy record label soonest !! My people when should I do it now ama tungoje wenzetu???  A post from Willy Paul read .

 Despite having not had a record label before willy Paul has been working closely with two gospel artists namely  K Vincy and Scooby Scooby the lazy rapper . 

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