One to Light would like the woman are fact so you can Misa, perhaps not options, and you may she instantly immerses herself with the which imagined relationships

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One to Light would like the woman are fact so you can Misa, perhaps not options, and you may she instantly immerses herself with the which imagined relationships

Eventually, it is really not a plan that’s unusual to own Light in any event. We’ve seen him use and you will destroy visitors which had as well personal in order to Kira before – it isn’t private, it is simply Light seeking verify Kira’s profit in every the new same implies because before. It isn’t regarding the Misa anyway. He literally only met this lady.

Misa at the same time seemingly have taken the newest hug because a sign of their relationship having be real, since the real is what she apparently remembers it getting

Back once again to Misa, she proclaims each other White having fun with the woman and you will White just pretending are one another okay by this lady. From this point to your, Misa requires it as a given one each of their joy lays in becoming together with her. White never announces he’s complete acting, it is Misa just who find his affections on her need getting genuine despite having absolutely nothing you to suggests which specifically. She merely begins managing your because the the woman real date from this point for the away. Misa’s Nr 1 skill is actually make-trust, really.

With the rest of its pre-Yotsuba connections match the brand new dependent mold pretty much. It could you need to be well worth bringing-up you to definitely Light’s whole schmaltzy ‘I’m able to love your so much more for individuals who ask Rem to kill L’ was an effective pissed decide to try during the ruin control shortly after Misa endangers them from the visiting select your.

Shut-upwards kiss goes, Misa coming to college or university goes, confinement happens. Worth repeated here is one to White and you may Misa possess lawfully simply satisfied three times in advance of Yotsuba Arc.

While in the confinement, Misa in the end really does reveal commitment not to ever spoil Light once the she pleads getting death right after which simply budges out of that if Rem requires this lady thoughts so she will not to able so you can pour people secrets it doesn’t matter what much this woman is punished. Their dependence on White fills all of the gap from inside the Misa’s mind and you will is really what enjoys the girl supposed thus far.

This new offer from her projected bond with Light happens up to now that she assumes on the next relationships and details their father since the ‘dad’ throughout the horror of their automobile experience. Which simply… while the an apart. Forth towards the Yotsuba Arch.

This new fascinating most important factor of that it timeline is the fact we have in order to consider just how Misa and you may Light experience one another with no of the Kira-scheming on it, while the that is what remained between the two after giving up their recollections.

White doesn’t think of his motivations to own acting are the woman sweetheart and you can realistically renounces the whole relationship. What stays is actually a feeling of becoming pressured because of the Misa and this.. is precisely what she did, extremely.

Main let me reveal you to definitely she understands she’s going to keep this lady like to own White (or rather, this lady notion of Light) even after letting go of ownership

Even though Misa will get upset on White denying are the lady date, Misa provides insisting on the connection in any event. Rejection mode nothing to this lady.

This is minutes just after she whines from the more than committee. Evidently Misa isn’t really planning to grab a no. Which continues on during the entirety of the arch. White says they aren’t relationship, Misa continues to play the role of when they. White rejects her, Misa simply happens so you can him healthier concise where she tries to pick a method to build your bed along with her.

Misa’s fascination with White continues to be only wish fulfillment. She totally ignores that the image of White this lady has from inside the the lady lead will not conflate which have facts.

If it is exactly what Light wishes, up coming Misa do assistance trapping Kira (thus effortlessly betraying the person who avenged their mothers). For as long as their condition as the Light’s wife actually threatened she was at least a bit functional so you’re able to their wants.

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