Akothe – “I am not Your Money Bag”

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Contemporary songstress Akothe has bashed Kenyan artist , Akothe who is currently mourning the death of his grand farther has accused fellow artists of wanting to seize the opportunity and make a few coins , through her social handles she admits that a number of musicians have been making calls to her requesting to have a price negotiation so as to perform at the burial .she further protested of any plans to tag her for any donation arguing she has learnt a lot during the mourning period .The self proclaimed boss lady went a head to tell artists who genuinely want to mourn with her to find their way to Rongo where the burial will be taking place .”just learnt that people see me in terms of money , you contact me to come perform at my grandapa’ s funeral as an artist and expect me to pay you ! Do I look like a promoter ? ! Hallo , are you insane ? Did you see me share any paybill number ! Let no one tag me any playbill no shit, next Time stay in your corner too ! Kenyan artist are hypocrites nkt , if you want to come mourn with me ! Get yourself to Rongo if not just stay in your lane ! Stop calling me for price negotiation learnt a lot during this moment .” posted Akothe .

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