The fresh prophet checked-out the last Babylon after this new tribulation (pick Great Tribulation)

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The fresh prophet checked-out the last Babylon after this new tribulation (pick Great Tribulation)

Isaiah fourteen:step 1 If the LORD get mercy to the Jacob and you can once again prefer Israel, and you may accept them in their house, following visitors commonly subscribe him or her and attach by themselves toward home away from Jacob

Comment: For the Lord to not have embarrassment into the newest orphans otherwise widows in some way speaks into deepness out-of depravity to which this new North Kingdom had originated (“all of them try godless and you may an enthusiastic evildoer”!) This is a scary verse for the kid, lady, nation or individuals who perform presume abreast of (ignore) the good mercy of Jehovah! So it reminds myself of your foolish assumption of your own skeptic infidel and you can Goodness hater Voltaire just who foolishly quipped “God tend to forgive; which is His organization”. Sure, that’s true however, Jesus are very well righteous and only and you may therefore The guy need certainly to penalize sins which are not included in brand new bloodstream away from Their Son!

Isaiah In addition to their bows (select Was = Medes contributed by Cyrus the great, defeated Babylon in the 539BC, cp Daniel’s record = Weil 5:twenty eight, 29, 31- note ) tend to mow along the teenage boys, They don’t need mercy to the fruit of your own womb, nor commonly the eye pity people.

Motyer comments: New verb do not have mercy provides the term getting ‘womb’ and is made use of away from compassion and that stirs the fresh new feelings.

Comment: We accept John MacArthur’s interpretation (especially in white out of Is actually fourteen:step three – “rest” can also be barely determine the issue just after get back out of Babylonian exile). MacArthur writes: And also particular mention of the launch of Babylonian captivity, an important examine within section try known during these beginning verses (Was fourteen:1,2,3). The text would be the fact and therefore characterizes standards in millennial kingdom (find Century) following the wisdom of one’s final Babylon. The damage off future Babylon was integrally related to new deliverance from Israel from slavery. Babylon must die therefore, the Lord may exalt His someone (understand the Destruction out of Babylon). God’s compassion (racham) to own bodily Israel get thicker growth in Isaiah forty–46. (MacArthur, J.: The newest MacArthur Studies Bible Nashville: Word)

Isaiah Whenever the branches are deceased, he is broken out of; Lady come and work out a fire together, To own they’re not a people of discretion, Thus the Inventor will not have mercy on it. In addition to their Writer won’t be grateful (chanan) on it.

Comment: Grace/grateful (chanan 02603 = enjoys mercy, end up being grateful, take shame, become form, we.age., reveal an operate. away from generosity, mercy, or benefice to some other) and you will racham was paired in lot of OT passages – Ex , 2 Ki , Ps , Isa , Isa .

Isaiah Therefore the LORD longs become grateful for your requirements, And therefore The guy waits on the high to possess compassion you. Towards LORD try a god of justice; How blessed all are people who miss Your.

Review from the Ryrie: Isa , 19, 20, 21, twenty-two, 23, 24, twenty five, twenty-six An explanation of your glories of Millennium, although the day of the great slaughter (Are ) identifies Armageddon. (The new Ryrie Study Bible: The fresh new American Practical Translation: 1995. ekÅŸi sparky Moody Writers)

Ryrie Statements (John MacArthur’s comment fundamentally believes because does John Martin about Bible Knowledge Responses) one Isa forty-two:8-12 talk about: Israel’s fix on the millennial kingdom and you can functions of the time

Comment: And thus in this framework Jehovah’s racham otherwise mercy was understood regarding the fix regarding Israel to your assured home throughout new Century.

Isaiah “They won’t cravings or hunger, Neither have a tendency to the hot heat or sun hit her or him off; For He having mercy to them have a tendency to direct her or him and you will have a tendency to publication these to springs off liquids.

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