One on One with Morgan Ngoda

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Many would simply pass Morgan Ngoda for the Nigerian duo Aki na pawpaw.Morgan a Tanzanian actor and musician has craved a respected career over time from streets art to regional and international stage , he speak to sycamoretimes reporter Erick Mutinda of his ambitious journey .
In brief who is Morgan Ngoda?Morgan is an actor and musician from Dar es salaam Tanzania .
When did you start singing and acting ? And what inspired you ? I started off in 2000,I was inspired by the need to entertain and educate the community through the art .
What challenges are you facing at the moment ? The challenge that has been there up to now is the lack of a ready market that can absorb all this work created in both the music and film industry .
Challenges aside what are the benefits ? I believe some of the benefits gained are being respected and also earning something substantial to cater for my family .
What are some of your music and movies ? As per now I only have one song out known as kiduchu , still doing more terms of movies and tv series I have done quite a number that sum up to 25 with those that I still recall include Gods kingdom , pastor myamba the trial , zero brain , lost sons and swaga among others .
Who is your role model ? Back then I use to have Michael Jackson and William Smith as my role models but as time went people started comparing me with osita iheme , from there I started following keenly and fell in love with his art and I can noe authoritatively call him my role model .
Aspirations ? My sole aspiration is to take bongo movies international and also to help the upcoming actors .
Advice to actors and actress emerging ? Obedience and Patience pays .

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