Cameroon: Samuel Eto’o goes into politics and announces his candidacy for the 2018 presidential election

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Samuel Eto’o, the former Liberian player Georges Weah who was a candidate in his country’s presidential election against Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, won the official announcement, He will be a candidate for the next presidential election scheduled for 2018 in his country.

Samuel Eto’o candidate for a presidential election, It is an information that surprised more than one Cameroonian. Faced with the press on Thursday 31 March, the former player of FC Barcelona, ​​said that he had always dreamed of doing politics, but that he was waiting for the opportune moment to announce it officially. Then he motivated his candidacy by the fact that his country needs a new governance to remove the people of Cameroon from several years of suffering.

A decision that has been variously appreciated by the Cameroonian citizens to whom our editing has stretched its microphone. For this young student François Bayoye, the candidacy of Samuel Eto’o is a good thing in that it will allow young people to have voice, and will also create many young jobs. Moreover Mr. Christophe employed in a bank company of the place, argues that the player has not yet acquired this political experience to lead a country like Cameroon where the challenges to be met are significant.

In any case, Samuel with this great coast of popularity which he enjoys among the populations, has already confirmed that he will return to hold a large meeting of information on his entry into politics, on April 31 next at the great stadium in Douala, to Informing the people that it was a big April Fool of Afrikmag editors.

Indeed, dear readers, April 1 is the April Fool’s Day, innocent farce and other unusual ideas. As a reminder, the April fish tradition was born on 1 April 1564, when the French King Charles IX postponed the celebration of the New Year from 1 April to 1 January. Those who failed to adapt quickly began to offer fun gifts on April 1st. This is how this tradition was born.

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