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Nigeria based praise and worship musician jimmy Johnson known to many as jimmy D Psalmist famed for the song might man of war has taken to his social handle to celebrate his wife Mary -Joy jimmy who has turned a year old .in his post jimmy described Mary as his source of inspiration , his support and his number one fan revealing that the 8 years he has known mary his life has changed immensely “you never really appreciate the scripture that says ” one shall chest a thousand but two , ten thousand “until God hook you up with the right person .I have known her for 8 years and married to her for 4 years and I can tell you without mixing words that the last 8 years of my life has been the best .she has been and still is my source of inspiration ,my support ,my manager , my number one fan , my spiritual partner ,my pillow , the shoulder I cry on, my joy , my coordinator , the wife of my youth , the mother of my children .” wrote jimmy who goes a head and admit that the wonderful traits of the wife are endless .

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