5 Ads that Directly Poke Fun at the Competition

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example of competitive advertising

Trust will be lost and clients will leave, preferring a business that seems on the safer side. This is especially effective if you are just starting out and want a lot of attention in a short period of time. Basically, this is a great way to promote your brand and make sure it is not overlooked.

So if you want to use comparative advertising, make sure you come up with some ingenious copies, visuals, or videos. This kind of advertising technique might also not be very compatible with your brand image. If it is something drastically different than everything you have done up until that point, then your established customer base will be surprised.

Advertising in the Pharmaceutical Industry

A customer has several options to choose from before buying a product. But they choose the one which appears to be the best and appeals to them the most. Some brands light-heartedly mock others through ads and create a lasting impression, while others start a big brand war.

A comparative advertising campaign may involve printing a side-by-side comparison of the features of a company’s products next to those of its competitor. Make better marketing decisions on your client’s behalf by doing competitor analysis. Keeping an eye on their competitors’ top keywords or their paid ad campaigns, for example, helps your agency create an informed, proactive strategy.

Company Announcements

Similarly, Netflix’s co-founder Reed Hastings mentioned how ‘Sleep is our competitor’. You just have to show them that what you offer is better than what your competitors do. Another brilliantly sneaky competitive advertising tactic you should start using now is targeting people who’ve recently shown interest in the things your competition sells.

Although there are strong advantages to using competitive advertising, it also comes with its drawbacks. One of the drawbacks of competitive advertising is that a company is not able to be as free with their advertising as they may like to be. In the earlier years of advertising, companies used Brand X to show the superiority of their product.

Search Metrics

All fun aside, looking at the history of a competitor’s page gives your agency some unique insights. For example, using a traffic tool like Semrush, you’ll find that a specific page had a large traffic spike at some point in the past. Check the Archive to see if any site changes were made around that time. If there were, those same design changes could boost conversions on your client’s website. Enter your client’s keyword or competitor URL into the tool, and Buzzsumo will return a list of top content by share count and links. Monitor Hubspot email campaigns, CRM data, and more within one streamlined dashboard.

  • As you can see from the examples listed above, comparative advertising is not all bad.
  • By being bold and funny, Samsung manages to poke fun at its competitor without looking like a bully.
  • Whenever your agency can position itself as the expert and clearly communicate that to your clients–do it.
  • Knowing your direct competition allows you to gauge how competitive the market is that you are entering.
  • By adding a couple of operators to a search, you learn a lot about a competitor’s site or marketing strategy.
  • One ad showed a kid trying to reach a Pepsi can by standing on two Coca-cola cans.

The popularity of the strategy is at least partly due to the increasing intensity of competition between businesses, with each endeavoring to earn and then maintain the attention of prospects. Unlike our previous example, this ad is less about product than it is about brand. If there’s any differentiation to speak of, it’s Popeyes positioning itself as the playful, dependable alternative to Chick-fil-A. A brand is an intangible marketing concept used by organizations to help people identify their company, products, or individual.

Comparative Advertising Can Help Your Business Grow

Having spoken about the rewards and the risks involved, let’s now look at some of the iconic comparative advertising examples from popular brands. Some light-hearted ads that take a dig at a competitor’s ad and campaigns that do not directly put down the other brand often deliver positive results. However, those that hurt customer sentiments and those that directly attack another brand’s identity are often the ones that get the brand into trouble. Side-by-side comparisons are often used by brands to highlight the existing gaps in the industry and to show how the brand tackles them.

example of competitive advertising

That way, you can avoid looking like a bully, and you’ll also be able to present yourself as an equal. When you understand what others are offering, it can be tempting for you to blatantly claim what and how you can do better. But, the thing is, you might end up overstepping the line and making false example of competitive advertising claims in your ads. The brand went on to place its ad in several newspapers and the concept gained a lot of popularity in the digital space as well. The plot thickened when National Sandwich Day in 2019 fell on Sunday and ironically, a restaurant known for sandwiches, Chick-fil-A remained closed.

Through its use, it seeks to influence the consumer’s choices and gain a bigger market share. Learn about Southwest’s iconic marketing strategy and advertising campaigns. Read how Southwest aces the 4Ps of marketing mix – Product, Price, Promotion & Placement. The difference between direct and indirect competition lies in how the solution is delivered to achieve the goal of the customer. In direct competition, companies offer similar products, while in indirect competition, the product’s nature may completely differ from each other. In the business world, you also have such nail-biting business wars between similar brands.

Moz’s Link Explorer is a long-time favorite tool of digital marketing agencies and is one of the most widely-used backlink checkers and website analysis tools online today. Companies that employ competitive advertising are taking a product-focused approach to marketing. They make a strategic decision that the most important fact about their product is how it compares favorably to a competitor’s product. This is a position that is most often relevant for the product that has the smaller market share. It rarely benefits the market leader to recognize the challenger, as acknowledgment of the threat gives the challenger a certain level of legitimacy.

example of competitive advertising

Like Dollar Shave Club’s advertising strategy, Dove compares their product to a nameless amalgam of competitors rather than one specific rival. In its competitive advertising, the brand claims its product moisturizes its customers’ skin better, without stripping the skin and using harmful ingredients like some competitors still use. Effective comparative advertising can help you prove that your product is just as good as, if not better than, your competitors. Whether it’s TikTok marketing or even LinkedIn campaign, it makes it much easier to build social proof and get more customers to try your product. To do this, you can use comparative advertising, which is when you directly compare your product to competitors in an effective way that helps potential customers make an informed decision. For decades the brands have been poking fun at each other in their commercials.

Disparaging the competition is using false claims or statements against their competitors. Deliberately misleading consumers with competitive advertising can result in potential lawsuits. One advantage of competitive advertising is to demonstrate superiority. Competitive advertising is a good way to point out features and benefits of a product or service to show the customer that they are superior to the competition.

Costs generally start around $35 and go up the more followers the account has. You want to target your video ads so that whenever someone searches for the YouTube videos of your competitor that they’ll see your ad first. If you play it right, they might not even watch your competitor’s video.

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